Text_Highlighter 0.7.1 and hiliteme.com updates

January 1st, 2008. Tagged: PEAR

In today's busy schedules there's less and less time to give love to our favorite open source projects. Luckily though, there's January 1st when you're supposed to relax (or suffer the consequences of partying on Dec 31st). Anyway, today I found the time to fix two bugs in Text_Highlighter and also include the patch from Daniel Fruzynski that adds support for highlighting VBScript. Wo-hoo!

Also updated hiliteme.com so you can try the package or simply highlight some code before posting it to your blog.

Luckily for me, the PEAR site uses GMT timestamps, so the release date of Text_Highlighter 0.7.1. is Jan 2nd. This way I hope it doesn't look like I need a life that badly.

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