Taking Mozilla’s DeepSpeech for a spin

December 1st, 2017. Tagged: ffmpeg, misc hackery

Speech-to-text, eh? I wanted to convert episodes of my favorite podcast so their invaluable content is searchable. I'm moderately excited with the results but I'd like to document the effort nonetheless.


First thought - what open-source packages exist out there? Checking out wikipedia I see a brand-new one from Mozilla - DeepSpeech. Intriguing.


Wasn't painless so let me drop this here... though it will probably be much better soon enough.

(There's an NPM package too which I missed but...) I saw there's a python installer thing called pip which I have installed on my laptop. Don't remember doing it, but it's there. So as the docs say:

$ pip install deepspeech

Didn't work. No such package. Turns out I have an old pip. So update it first:

$ sudo pip install --upgrade pip


$ pip install deepspeech still didn't work, so sudo it is:

$ sudo pip install deepspeech


I grabbed the podcast MP3 (Episode 1), but DeepSpeech requires a special WAV (16bit, mono, yadda-yadda), so ffmpeg to the rescue:

ffmpeg -i UBK_HFH_Ep_001_f.mp3 -acodec pcm_s16le -ar 16000 UBK_HFH_Ep_001_f.wav


Docs say run:

$ deepspeech output_model.pb my_audio_file.wav alphabet.txt

They also say:

$ deepspeech output_model.pb my_audio_file.wav alphabet.txt lm.binary trie

Neither of those work because all these output_model.pb, alphabet.txt are nowhere to be found on my system. Thanks to this discussion, there is a solution.

  1. Download the "models" zip from github (warning: 1.3 GB)
  2. unzip anywhere
  3. navigate to the models/ folder
  4. Replace output_model.pb from the instructions with output_graph.pb found in the release package
  5. ...and succeed!
$ deepspeech output_graph.pb ../UBK_HFH_Ep_001_f.wav alphabet.txt lm.binary trie 
Loading model from file output_graph.pb
Loaded model in 1.336s.
Loading language model from files lm.binary trie
Loaded language model in 3.863s.
Running inference.


To be fair, there's music and two hosts, and they goof off and there's music production jargon... so the results arew far from perfect. But good enough for searching the content, don't you think? Here goes:

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And yes, the process does take a while:

Inference took 753.507s for 648.908s audio file.

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