Redefine $this?

March 28th, 2005. Tagged: PHP certification

I was wondering - can you redefine the special variable $this when in a method of a class. It turns out that yes, you can.

Consider this class:
< ?php class Some { function Some(){} function another(){ $this = 5; var_dump($this); } } ?>
If you create an object and call the another() method, it will redefine $this and will make it an integer as opposed to an object.
< ?php $s = new Some(); $s->another();
This gives


If you dump the instance after the method call it will still return 5, so it's not just a temporary re-definition.

Similarly, you can even destroy an object from within a method of the class, like
< ?php class Some { function Some(){} function another(){ $this = null; } } $s = new Some(); $s->another();
This will output NULL.

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