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November 20th, 2005. Tagged: News/personal

I was browsing Amazon today and decided to check the page of my phpBB book. There was a new (second) review by a reader, very flattering 🙂 Many thanks to the both reviewers if they happen to read this blog post someday!

Got me thinking - is anyone reading this interested in writing a review of the book? Doesn't have to be a praise, just an honest unbiased review. (Unbiased reviews are really something rare these days, when everyone seems to be an affiliate of the product they are reviewing).

If someone is interested in reading the book, learning a great deal about phpBB 😀 and sharing his/her thoughts, let me know. I'll speak to the publisher. The condition of course is to publish the review somewhere - on a site, magazine, or somewhere that it has chances of being read 😉 Sitepoint is a good example I can think of right now to publish on. Or your local PHP user group. Contact me at stoyan at phpied com if you think of something.

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