Perfplanet calendar ’23 call for articles

November 2nd, 2023. Tagged: News/personal, performance

Hello, dear reader and web performance enthusiast!

It’s time to sit down and write an article for the performance calendar.

Here are some more details.

Or if you're not feeling like writing, look around you and recruit the person you think should share their knowledge with the world.

What can you write about? Just share something interesting that happened this year. Research, insights, a case study, a story, bad experience, good experience, war stories, metrics, thoughts, ideas, questions...

Here's also a list of stories from a while ago that are still popular and need an update. Evergreens, if you will.

Or do you know of a nice new-ish Web Platform API?... A chunk of HTML and/or CSS that can save the world a bunch of downloading, parsing and executing JavaScript? That's always and forever appreciated! Here's an example.

Patiently awaiting your contributions,
Ever yours,

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