Perfplanet calendar ’21 call for articles

November 26th, 2021. Tagged: performance

Helloooo, dear reader and web performance enthusiast!

It’s time to sit down and write an article for the performance calendar.

Here are some more details.

Or if you're not feeling like writing, look around you and recruit the person you think should share their knowledge with the world.

What do you want to write about? Some ideas:

  • Hello, 2007 called! Do I still shard domains to load resources from? Do I still package all JS in one big bundle?
  • Hello, 2007 called! What do I do about these images? WebP, mozjpeg, blah, blah, seems like there's a new thing every other week.
  • Brotli, zopfli, schmotli... Just give me the best .htaccess line to put in my cheapo Dreamhost shared server to make my pages flyyyyie
  • A new tool
  • New research/experiment
  • #perfprotip
  • Rant
  • Anything that tickles your fancy

Additionally, take a look at this list of oldies but goodies for inspiration.

Let's make the web faster, one site at a time. It all starts with you.

p.s. In December I'll have a couple of final exams related to my hobby so time will be tight. Please send your article as soon as you can, so I can batch the work and not freak out "Do I have an article for tonight?!"

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