Performance Calendar call for participation

November 1st, 2016. Tagged: performance

TL;DR: Please start writing and finish before Dec 1st.

Amazingly has been up for 7 years straight now, helping spread the word about web performance and helping the developers do their best to provide fast and pleasurable experiences.

Every year people from all walks of development life come to the calendar where an article a day is being published every day from December 1st to December 24th. Sometimes two articles a day. Sometimes all the way to December 31st. People read, people learn, people apply, people make other people happy with their blazingly fast sites.

For me though it's a difficult month. Being disorganized I never plan and sometimes start the month with nothing to publish so I sit down and write something myself. The first few days and weeks are particularly bad. Then I get a number of articles in the last 4 days. Then I have to see if they are enough to go to 31st... This whole process also takes its toll when it comes to my family. Said my SO a week or so ago: "you're not doing it this year again, are you?"

So I'm ready to skip a year. But then comes long-time collaborator Sergey eloquently expressing what he thinks of my ill-devised plan in 140 chars or less...

Then there's also this tweet by long-term collaborator Pat...

Not only are we not fast yet, we're getting worse.

Which means we need more performance writings, more research, more education. So... HELP!


That's when it's calling me
I said that's when it's calling me back home
- Led Zep

The Web Developer community needs you to write an article this month and share a tip, a trick, a tool, a test, research, motivation, war story (not necessarily all at once, one will do)

So sit down this month and write an article and hit me up with your contribution. has a few more specifics but all in all just write in whatever format is easiest for you.

I need to have all articles by the end of November (ok at least 20) so I can schedule them properly, don't cause my family too much stress and maybe even provide some editing. I don't want to do the community a disservice by publishing possibly sub-par articles in a rush.

Any overflow will be published all together on 31st. So if you want to stand out - be among the first!

If you don't have anything to share but know of someone who should, please send them this.

Also please!

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