Open source – BBC and Google

July 12th, 2005. Tagged: News/personal

BBC announced the existence of a BBC open source site some 3 hours ago on the BBC mailing list.

Personally I think it's great that big organizations is contributing to the open-source community. I find it fair - at times they have benefited from open source technologies, it's good that they contribute back. In fact, BBC are using open-source technologies all the time (and who isn't?), since they have their web sites powered by "Apache/2.0.51 Unix" (Source: NetCraft).

This reminds me of another organization that I recently found is contributing to the Open Source community. Everybody has probably heard about this organization - it's misspelled as "Google" 🙂

BTW, BBC also offer their content as RSS feeds, Podcasts and APIs (not ready yet) --

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