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July 12th, 2007. Tagged: JavaScript, News/personal, php

So I launched this little tool csssprites.com that allows you to upload images and create one CSS sprite image, plus it gives the background-position CSS definitions to use in order to show parts of the sprite. People have been trying it out, but unfortunately sometimes uploading 20 megs of images to create a sprite, which is not the point of the css sprites technique. Anyway as a result I exceeded the disk quota my host gives me and since the site is hosted on the same server as this blog, the blog stopped working. Hence the publishing diet.

Initially I blamed WordPress because it started acting strangely, asking me to update my database, saying that I don't have admin privileges, then not loading the CSS files and finally just stopped working even on the front end. I said oh well, I need to upgrade it anyway, so let's do it now. Just trying to FTP a single file got me the message that I can't copy so I finally figured out the real case - the exceeded disk space.

It's all good now, I just deleted all CSS sprite images that were generated, I was planning to do a cron job do delete the ones older than a day or two anyway, but never got around doing it. I should just check and warn the cssspritres.com users not to upload huge images, because this is not how CSS sprites were designed to work anyway.

Long story, short message. I'm off the publishing diet now.

Meanwhile I wrote an article for the International PHP Magazine, it's an intro to unit tetsing with PHPT, called "PHPT - Unit testing for the rest of us". Nice, eh? Just got an email today that the new IPM issue is out the door, you can check the TOC here. I wanted to further experiment with PHPT and was thinking of writing this test generation tool. Say you have a bunch of classes, you run the tool and it generates PHPT test stubs, based on the classes and methods in finds. Then you tweak the generated stubs here and there to implement the actual tests. PHPUnit has this feature, so why not PHPT as well. We'll see if I'll find the time.

On a different technology, I was playing around implementing the decorator pattern in Javascript, will post about it later (sneak peek).

On a different subject, just added a few very simple tools to my favorite Textpad, I found them helpful for PHP development, will post about them later.

On a yet another subject a few days ago I finished a draft outline for my new book-to-be and we started discussing with the editor.

On a totally unrelated subject, I did a new phpBB theme (copy of the default subSilver) following as many of the Yahoo front end performance rules as I found applicable. Naturally, I'll post about it later.

Otherwise life has been good. I moved with my family to LA to start working for this company called Yahoo!. Work is great, LA was bit of a surprise and not very welcoming, but hey, it's the experience. We had some initial rental issues (we lost quite a bunch of money double and some point triple renting), then there was the stress of the whole move, having to start everything over again, driving licenses, shocking 20% APR rates from Toyota, credit cards refusals and stuff (the only thing that I still use here from Canada is the Costco card!). Yahoo did help a lot during the moving process, can't imagine what would have been without all the little and not so little perks I got during the relocation. So anyway, after all that initial shock, the family is starting to settle. The kids just loooove Disneyland, we ended up getting anual passes for California residents, so we'll be seeing it a lot. Also the beach is quite nice, not the cleanest mind you, but it's probably because we're new don't know where to go, we just hit the closest to us, in Venice. By the way, Venice is amazingly similar to some little Bulgarian towns on the Black Sea. In general LA is quite expensive, especially the Santa Monica area, where the office is, but I wanted to be close to the family in those times of change, so we ended up renting a place only 5 miles from the office (still getting used to those miles and pounds). I proudly bike to work now, doing my share in saving the environment. Half an hour in each direction, it's a nice excersise. Talking about biking, here's some biking-to-work wisdom for you:

Tree branches are hanging lower than they appear.


Just when you thought you learned how to bike without using your hands and to light a cigarette meanwhile... you didn't.

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