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July 22nd, 2007. Tagged: SEO

Joining an initiative started here.

Basically the idea is to stop worrying about page rank. I think the web will become a much better place if webmasters stop reading, discussing, worrying about their pagerank. If they altogether forget pagerank ever existed. Better for the webmasters (they'll have more time to think about their live visitors), better for the visitors (of course), better for the search engines (they can concentrate on their primary business which is providing best search results). I believe it would be easier for the search engines to tell spammers from decent webmasters, if the later stop worrying about page rank and stop experimenting what's good and what's not for the page rank. If we stop worrying about things like "is this new AJAXy thing with hidden divs will be considered spam or not" and give SE some time to catch their breath, they'll figure it out. They're smart, they have to be, it's their business. Think about it this way - if Google allows to be tricked by spammers, it will start provide bad results, people will stop using it (just as quickly as they started) and ... do you need to worry about the page rank of a dead search engine?

So if we all concentrate on providing quality web applications or content and use some common sense (friendly urls and semantic markup - h tags and such) then the rest will follow.


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