My 5 strenghts

June 5th, 2007. Tagged: News/personal

I got a copy of a book called strengths finder (or something) that advocates that you should know, love and get your strengths to work, instead of focusing on correcting weaknesses. They have an online test to figure out your strengths, here are mine.

  • Ideation
  • Intellection
  • Adaptability
  • Input
  • Positivity

Nice list, eh? Basically I'm full of ideas, but the completion part kind of falls behind. Which is something I should need to learn to put to work, instead of correct. Pretty cool.

Although English is not my first language, not even the second, I could swear Ideation is not a word, but Firefox's spell checker corrects me, it says that actually Intellection is not a word 🙂

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