Laziest image resize in PHP

December 13th, 2006. Tagged: images, PEAR, php

Today I saw a post at on image resizing with PHP and there was quite a discussion. Let me share the laziest way (that I know of) how to do it - PEAR::Image_Transform is all it takes. Here goes:

require_once 'Image/Transform.php';
$i =& Image_Transform::factory('');
$i->save('resized.png', 'png');

In addition, the Image_Transform library offers diffferent ways (to skin the old cat) to resize an image - by given pixel value, only on the X axis, on Y, scalling in percentage and so on. And, of course, the library can do much more than resizing, as you can see in the API docs.

It supports all kinds of image manipulation extensions - GD, GD1, ImageMagick, NetPBM, Imlib... If you want to use a specific one, you set as a parameter to the factory() method. In the example above I passed an empty string, so it will try to figure out what's available in my PHP setup and use it, trying Imagick2 first, then GD, then Imlib.

You have setOption() and setOptions() methods if you want to play around with the image quality and those sort of things.

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