How to write computer books

December 13th, 2007. Tagged: News/personal, packt, writing

book.png David Barnes, who works for my publisher Packt Publishing, has started a blog: "How to write computer books". Great stuff in there. If you write or intend to write a book, a blog or anything technical, it's a great addition to your RSS reader.

Inspired by this quote from Mark Twain, yesterday I went through the draft of chapter 3 of my new book and searched for all instances of the word "very". Then deleted most of them. Probably should've deleted 'em all, but I couldn't help myself. It's tough. Very.

Anyway, especially since "creating passionate users" is no longer updated, David's new blog is good news.

On a similar note, here are the slides from a presentation called "Writing engaging tutorials" by my fellow Yahoo, Christian Heilmann.

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