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September 9th, 2006. Tagged: PEAR, phpBB

Following from here, I'm proud to announce an update to HiLiteMe.com. With two custom renderers for Text_Highlighter, the service now offers you:
- BB code for your source, so you can post beautiful code to bulletin boards and others that use BB code for formatting
- simple HTML code - the formatting is using only the tags b, i and u, this is for devices such as iPod that can understand only tiny amount of HTML code. So you highlight some code and take it on the road, sweet.

In addition to that there is Simple HTML preview, CSS styles that are used for the "rich" HTML highlighting and also the code for the rich HTML formatting, so no need to view->source->copy

Other additions - tabsize setting (how many spaces for a tab, if you paste code with tabs in it) and line numbers setting (yes/no) to specify whether you want lines to be numbered in your code.

Test drive?

Note on the BB code highlighting - I tested on:
- vBulletin - works beautifully and
- phpBB - the current out-of-the-box version will not work, becuase it's not allowing [color] BB tags inside [code] tags. Buuut, there is a MOD to enable this

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