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October 1st, 2017. Tagged: CSS

Stylelint is a great new modern unopinionated CSS linter. It's a must for any project beyond test.html.

After my last post about always adding generic font families I thought it should be a lint-able thing. So I looked into extending Stylelint. You can write new lint rules and tell Stylelint to use them. In my case, I thought requiring generic font families was broad enough that it should probably be a part of Stylelint core.

Running Stylelint in your project

Installing Stylelint is actually not required in order to contribute a new rule, but hey!

As one would expect in this day and age..

$ npm install -g stylelint

Running Stylelint requires a config. Remember, it's unopinionated, you have to express your opinion. I think the best place to start is using the example config which is actually a separate project, stylelint-config-standard

$ cd /your/project/root
$ curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stylelint/stylelint-config-standard/master/index.js > styelint.config.js

And now, linting...

$ stylelint src/*.css

Oh boy, a new todo!

running stylelint

Running Stylelint on any old CSS

If you're like me, you have a lot of stuff all over the place. Not necessarily nicely setup as a project with a build script and all that. I want to lint a CSS no matter where it may reside.

So a globaly accessible config is in order. (Stylelint CLI itself is already global.) One that doesn't have dependencies.

cd ~/

# same as above, grab the "standard" config
$ curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stylelint/stylelint-config-standard/master/index.js > styelint.config.js

The "standard" config depends on the "recommended", so I just grab the rules from it and paste them in styelint.config.js. In effect I merely inline the dependency. My styelint.config.js now looks like...

"use strict"

module.exports = {
  "rules": {
    "at-rule-no-unknown": true,
    "block-no-empty": true,
    "color-no-invalid-hex": true,

Now I can run $ stylelint whatevs.css no matter if whatevs.css is part of any specific setup or just cluttering the Desktop.

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