Happy birthday and a new book

March 7th, 2006. Tagged: News/personal, phpBB

phpbb-guide.jpgToday my blog turns 1 year, hence a few hiccups with the DNS change and the migration to a new server (thanks, Eric Gruber for the heads-up).

Blog stats: 85 posts and 183 comments(thanks everyone!), contained within 19 categories. Actually this post's ID is 100, but I have a few drafts lying around...

I started this blog as a diary while preparing for the Zend PHP exam, hoping that others will benefit. Now it's more like a little bit of this, a little bit of that, web-dev stuff. Anyway, hoping I'll post more this next year. Actually 85 posts is about once a 4 days, hmm, not bad, I thought I was lazier than this.

So celebrating the blog's first day I treated it to a nice new theme, designed by Marco and ported to WordPress by Christoph. Nice, thanks guys for you work!... I also updated to WordPress 2, very slick.
(Marco has also published a post about my blog, that's very, very flattering...)

And as another present, I saw that the second phpBB book is out! It's a scaled down version of the first, basically without the more advanced programming chapters and it comes at a much lower price.

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