getElementById(‘description’) in IE

June 3rd, 2005. Tagged: JavaScript

document.getElementById() in IE has some issues. The problem can be spotted when you have a page element with an id "description" and meta tag with a name "description" IE considers the meta tag to be the one that should be returned by getElementById(). Which is, of course, wrong. ID is an ID and name is a totally different thing.

Anyway, heads up for that IE behaviour.

As an illustration, here in WordPress (the blogging tool that powers the page you're reading) there's a meta tag, called "generator", like this:
<meta name="generator" content="WordPress 1.5" />

So if you do:
this will return null in FireFox, the way it was meant to be (by w3c, that is) and in IE, you'll get [Object]

Try it...
Try it with the "content" property...
(The second example will give an error in FireFox as there is no "content" property of null.

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