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April 26th, 2008. Tagged: firebug, firefox, tools


Always wanted to create a Firefox extension? Or a Firebug extension? Here's an easy way to take off the ground, no more excuses.

Firefox Extensions

The way most people get started with creating a Firefox extension is copying an existing extension and tweaking. This is not the best way as you can guess, the best way is to read documentation (where exists), but who cares about reading documentation. It's a fact that there are specific predefined files, directories and conventions you need to follow in order to get started with even the simplest "Hello World". Well, with my new tool, this is taken care of, so you can literally turn any piece of JavaScript (a bookmarklet for example) into a browser extension. Not bad, eh?

The tool

The tool is located at

It's basically just a simple form you fill out with your name, URL, extension name, etc, then a working extension is generated for you. You then install your own extension and just start modifying it. So your new extension is ready in under a minute.

Firebug extensions

I did this tool a while ago for personal needs and it has been working for me with no worries. Today before making it public, I thought of adding the option to generate Firebug extensions too. You knew Firebug is extensible and you can add new tabs, right? Yahoo!'s YSlow is an example of a Firebug extension.

I followed Honza's Firebug tutorials part I and II and it worked beautifully. Honza is a Firebug contributor and these tutorials are excellently written and highly recommended, even if you use my tool to generate the code, it's still a good idea to know why things are what/where they are.

So there you go, same tool for creating both Firefox and Firebug extensions.

Have fun with the tool, but be aware that writing extensions is addictive, don't say I didn't warn you. As always, any feedback is appreciated.

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