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Performance tunning with PEAR::DB

Jan 16th, 2007

If you use PEAR::MDB2, you can set a custom debug handler and collect all the queries you execute for debugging and performance tunning purposes, as shown before. But what if you’re using PEAR::DB? Well, since PEAR::DB doesn’t allow you such a functionality out of the box, you can hack it a bit to get similar […]


DB-2-MDB2 in Portuguese

Jan 16th, 2007

Through a trackback I found out that Walter Cruz has translated my DB-2-MDB2 article in a language I was led to believe is Brazilian Portuguese. the announcement the article Thanks very much Walter, this is very flattering! Thanks to my buddy Isidoro who enlightened me that the language was Portugeese!


Reusing an existing database connection with MDB2

Jan 4th, 2007

This is a follow up to a question posted by Sam in my DB-2-MDB2 post. The question was if you can reuse an exisitng database connection you’ve already established and not have MDB2 creating a second connection.


Performance tuning with MDB2

Dec 9th, 2006

This is a follow-up to Lars’ comment about the PEAR book. In the MDB2 chapter I showed an example how you can create custom debug handlers in MDB2 and then gave a suggestion about a useful application of this functionality for performance tuning. Basically the idea is that your custom debug handler collects all queries […]



Feb 4th, 2006

Recently I had to move an existing project from using PEAR::DB to PEAR::MDB2 – the new database abstraction layer. I took notes on the parts of the code I needed to change, I hope they can benefit someone who’s doing the same.