Car accident

November 30th, 2005. Tagged: News/personal

Crashed the car two days ago. The road was all ice, with just a bit of snow covering it. Raining, very cold, awful weather. I went out to return the books to the library and a DVD to the video store. Several times when I hit the breaks I felt that the tires are not rolling, that the car is just sliding. I even looked at the tires to see if there something wrong with them. All this to say I was extra careful and driving really slowly.

On my return, a block from my place I took a left turn. The car just didn't change direction at all, just kept straight. I was sliding. I released the break pedal, didn't help. For a millisecond I was just sliding, with no control over the vehicle, basically just sitting there like a passenger. I had time to see recent parts of my life running before my eyes ;), I thought about my two kids, I thought about my wife and the last thing I thought was something like "Looks like I'm gonna crash... can I be any dumber?".

...then I hit an electricity pole.

The whole situation happened so fast and I felt so, so stupid. I mean I had my winter tires on, I was extra careful, because I felt the road was slipperly, I was driving very slowly (fact is, the air bags didn't even deploy). Haven't been drinking or smoking or anything. And I was just a block from home...

Today my neighbour cheered me up: "Don't worry, there are only two types of cars - crashed cars and those that will crash" 😉

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