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June 26th, 2005. Tagged: PHP certification

Update 2007-01-04: Seems like this blog is dead and domain was apparently took over by one of those "search" copanies.

Recently I've been feeling kind of guilty for not posting much about PHP certification... ZCE PHP cert was the original purpose for which I started this blog but later on I moved to other PHP (and not only) related projects of mine.

Anyway, I still have a few PHP programming posts stored as drafts, these date back from the time I read the Certification guide and it is my intent to publish those as soon as I can. But for those blog readers who are subscribed to my blog RSS feeds, expecting more certification prep posts, there is "A new hope", a new blog.

It has been around for a few weeks, but it wasn't until today when I stumbled upon it. The URL is and the first post says: This blog meant to be daily dairy of ZCE candinate, to share experience with others, I will be posting a weekly update and might be daily *Depends on my laziness* about every topic I pass reading and practicing it, and every topic I stuck at.

Good luck to the new blog author, Jad Madi, and I hope everyone will find it useful and fun to read! Once again, the URL is:

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