PHP/Javascript dev tools for TextPad

July 16th, 2007. Tagged: JavaScript, php, tools

Here are some convenient tools I've added to my TextPad editor, hope you'll like 'em.

TextPad tools

Stuff can easily be added to TextPad's Tools menu, like I did, shown on the screenshot.

In order to do so, you go Configure -> Preferences. Then select Tools on the tree to the left, then Add. You can add a DOS command, an application or a help file (.hlp or .chm)

The first three tools on the picture above come out-of-the-box, the other 4 I've added myself. Let me show you what I did.

Tool #1 - PHP lint (a.k.a. syntax check)

So I'm editing a PHP file and I want to syntax check it from the editor. Good. PHP on the command line comes with the -l option (this is lowercase L) which does just that. For example if you run this from your command prompt, it will check the file test.php for syntax errors:
C:\php> php -l test.php

So for tool #1 I just did - Configure-Preferences-Tools-Add-DOS command, then typed:
php –l $File

In Textpad apparently $File refers to the current file being edited. So now I can edit a file, press CTRL+4 and syntax check the file. Neat.

Tool #2 - PHP help

This is exactly the same idea as the previous tool. I use PHP command line option --rf which gives you help information. For example try getting help with the str_replace() function:

C:\php>php --rf str_replace

The result is

Function [ <internal> public function str_replace ] {

  - Parameters [4] {
    Parameter #0 [ <required> $search ]
    Parameter #1 [ <required> $replace ]
    Parameter #2 [ <required> $subject ]
    Parameter #3 [ <optional> &$replace_count ]

Adding this functionality to textpad is very similar to tool #1, only this time the command is:

php --rf $SelWord

$SelWord is the currently selected word in textpad (just placing the cursor somewhere in the word is enough)

Tool #3 - PHP Manual

Sometimes the help above is not enough and you want to hit the manual on Here's the next tool. You go:
Configure-Preferences-Tools-Add-Program and you find your firefox.exe, like
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

Now, in order to edit a tool you created in TextPad, you need to expand the Tools node of the Preferences tree and click the tool you need, as shown on the screenshot:

In this screen, you need to type this in the Parameters field:$SelWord

Tool #4 - JS Lint

JSLint is a tool for checking JavaScript code, it also can be run on the command line in Windows, using cscript. So if your jslint.js is in C:\, you can have tool #4 another DOS command:

cscript C:\jslint.js <$File

Hope you like it

Or maybe add these simple tools to your text editor of choice.

Last thing

One little thing I didn't mention - it's a bit of a challenge to figure out how to rename a tool once created. Basically on the list of tools (next to the Add button), just click, right click, double-click or simultaneously click left and right mouse buttons. One of these will work eventually :)

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  4. Very neat stuff! I’ve been making alot of tasks for Window’s file association, making it easier for me to do alot of different things with my scripts, and this definitely has helped. :)

    And by the way, I found you can edit the name of the tool with a right-click, then a left-click. ;)

  5. It’s so intresting article, now a know alot about this tools.

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