Image_Text 0.6 beta is out

April 19th, 2007. Tagged: images, PEAR

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This is my first PEAR release and I was actually surprised how easy it is to package and roll out a release.

So you have your local copy of the CVS repository that contains the scripts you want to release as part of the package. In order to release, you need package.xml, a configuration file, which you can either create yourself or have a script (which uses PEAR_PackageFileManager) to create the xml file for you.

The pear command line tool does all the rest.

  1. pear convert - creates package2.xml based on your package.xml. (package2 is the newer improved version of package2.xml. You can actually use PEAR_PackageFileManager2 instead and skip this step)
  2. pear package - creates the package archive which then you upload to
  3. pear cvstag package2.xml - tags the cvs repository with a tag figured out from the package2. In my case the tag was RELEASE_0_6_0beta


As stated in the change log notes, many thanks go to Christian Weiske and James Pic for helping out with this release!

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