June 21st, 2007. Tagged: CMS, php

I've been selected as a judge in this year's Open Source CMS Award, organized by Packt Publishing. I'll be voting for three out of 5 PHP CMS projects where those 5 are selected by votes from the site visitors. Join me in a discussion I started at "What do you think makes a good CMS?"

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  1. What do you think makes a good CMS?…

  2. [...] On his blog today, Stoyan points out a topic he’s started over on the site – What do you think makes a good CMS?. This year’s Packt Publishing awards for the best Open Source CMS are on their way, starting middle of July. I’ve been selected as a judge in the PHP CMS category. […] How can one judge something as diverse and liquid as a CMS? Content management comes in all different shapes, some systems focus on solving some problems and they do a better job than another CMS that mainly tackles different types of problems. [...]

  3. Hi,

    can you update the CMS List with all the new additions — it seems a lot is added to the initial set of requirements. Just do a Google Docs shared paged, or on some wiki, or on a static blog page, or something like this, where the information will be structured and it will be easy to analyze it, and furthermore using the revision thing we can track how the list has evolved (if using stuff like Google Docs or MediaWiki).

    Besides from that, great idea and a neat job ;)

  4. [...] Nominate your favorite open-source CMS before August 31st. (Yours truly is one of the judges in the PHP category.) Post this entry to: »  » Digg  » Furl  » Newsvine  » reddit  » Y! [...]

  5. [...] Stoyan Stefanov points out that the CMS nomination awards have now been opened for public voting (of which he is one of the judges of the PHP category). The event is put on by Packt Publishing: The Packt Open Source Content Management System Award is designed to encourage, support, recognize and reward an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) that has been selected by a panel of judges and visitors to Following on from the success of 2006, Packt has expanded the Award for 2007 with an increase in prize money and the addition of new categories. [...]

  6. [...] From [...]

  7. Hi there. This is a comment

  8. For me is drupal and wordpress

  9. web site design…

    [...]Good PHP CMS? / Stoyan’s[...]…

  10. Новая отличная cms…

    [...]Good PHP CMS? / Stoyan’s[...]…

  11. It’s Joomla for me every time. Depends what you want from it really. But as a ‘general’ web developer / designer, Joomla’s popularity means there’s so much extra modules available that you could run a web design agency without hardly having to ever create any code. To ‘pure’ developers though I guess that’s taking a lot of the fun away!

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