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February 11th, 2011. Tagged: Fun, Music
We don't need no docum'ntation
We don't need no source control
No dark sarcasm on the mail(ing) list
Ninjas leave them kids alone

No comments - code should speak alone!
All in all it's just another LOC

We don't need no code conventions
We don't need no (js)lint control
No YSlow rules, no validation
And who needs stinking unit tests?

Hey, guru, leave them kids alone!
All in all it's just another kick in balls


Hey Crockford, leave them kids alone!

No dark sarcasm in the board room

Many thanks to contributions from @ltackmann, @lucidlifedream, @jalbertbowdenii, @jasonfry, @getify, @skilldrick, @marceloOrigoni, @jdbartlett, @pixsym, @jLix, @joedevon, @leopyc, @cramforce, Carlos!

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10 Responses

  1. The alternative “Hey Crockford, leave them kids alone” line adds a whole new dimension to these lyrics.

  2. ahaha awesome!! nest line “No comments – code should speak alone!”

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  4. ahahaha! Nice one!

  5. Love it! I went to a Roger Waters concert last year and it was amazing.

    There is a pretty big contingent of Java devs (Uncle Bob Martin, Clean Code) that do think simpler code, smaller methods, and longer variable names are a good replacement for comments. I could see this applying to any language.

  6. This is awful. Stick with the day job.

  7. @Zach

    Well, it can’t apply to Perl. Perl requires comments and even then it’s dicey. ;)

  8. Agree with @Bynens crockford’s line is a must!

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