A structured page (h1)

This page is very well structured. As structured as it gets. It has all kinds of headings that provide meaning and, dare I say it, structure, to the content. The headings also help with making the whole copy much more readable. Scannable, as Jakob Nielsen would put it.
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Subheading (h2)

This is the first subheading in the very well structured page. It's a nice one, isn't it?

Going deeper (h3)

Lorem ipsum dolor sit emet? Lorem ipsum? Yes, that's correct. If you ever need text fluff for your designs, check out LIpsum.com.

Going deeper in another direction (h3)

Digging some more here (h4)

Well, talking of digging, have you ever checked digg.com? Pretty cool, huh?

... and some more here (h4)

... and here! (h4)

Another subheading (h2), with id (#another)

This is a simpler subheading with no sub-sub sections. But ... it has links! Lots and lots of links! Some links have titles while others don't. C'est la vie...

Closing remarks (h2)

Time to go, eh?

Conclusion (h3)

Overall you cannot disagree that it has been a pretty good page. Just like in the old days. They don't make them like this anymore, do they?

What next? (h3)

Good question.
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