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October 15th, 2006. Tagged: News/personal, PEAR

PEAR bookIn case you've missed it - the PEAR book hit the streets! The exact title is "PHP Programming with PEAR" and it's co-written by Stephan Schmidt, Carsten Lucke, Aaron Wormus and yours truly. Aaron also put up a Wiki for book and PEAR-related updates, it's at

I tried to put up a list of the packages and classes covered in the book, I've probably missed some classes, especially Date_* and Calendar_* ones, but I hope I got all the packages. Here goes (alphabetically) :

  • Calendar
  • Date
  • Date_Holidays
  • Date_Span
  • Date_Timezone
  • File_PDF
  • HTML_Table
  • HTML_Table_Matrix
  • HTTP_Request
  • MDB2
  • MDB2_Schema
  • Services_AmazonESC4
  • Services_Ebay
  • Services_Google
  • Services_Technorati
  • Services_Webservice
  • Services_Yahoo_Search
  • Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer
  • Structures_DataGrid
  • Structures_DataGrid_Column
  • Structures_DataGrid_DataSource
  • XML_Beautifier (mention)
  • XML_FastCreate
  • XML_Parser
  • XML_RPC_Client
  • XML_RPC_Message
  • XML_RPC_Response
  • XML_RPC_Server
  • XML_RPC_Value
  • XML_Serializer
  • XML_Util

For more info on a package, you can consult the PEAR site and manual. Did you know that you can access a package's page by typing its name (case insensitive) in the URL after, like for example?

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