The PEAR book is on it’s way

September 12th, 2006. Tagged: News/personal, PEAR

PEAR book Here's the link to publisher's page dedicated to the PHP Programming with PEAR. Guess who wrote the chapter for MDB2? ;)

It's an honour to me to be in the company of the other authors, people who have done a lot for the PEAR community:

Here's what the book is about:

  • Accessing databases with MDB2
  • Displaying data in a range of formats (HTML, Excel spreadsheet, PDF)
  • Creating and parsing XML documents
  • Serializing PHP objects into XML, and unserializing XML documents to PHP objects
  • Consuming and offering web services
  • Accessing Web APIs including Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and Technorati
  • 250 pages of good stuff :) Get your copy or just spread the word!

    Update: In the rush to share the news I forgot to say a big "thank you!" to Lukas Smith, the man behind MDB2, who was responsive as always and was kind enough to review my chapter.

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    1. The PEAR book is on it’s way…

    2. I just purchased your new, cool PHP/Pear/Web Services book. CANNOT WAIT to read it. I am writing a book, too. It will not be near as geeky as yours, but, when it’s ready, I will share a copy with you!

      Also, let the PackT folks know you should get a commission on the Smarty PHP Template book I grabbed when I was there.

      But, dude, what’s up with this? I hope they don’t mean 2007! I’m sure it’s coming up soon! VERY EXCITING – congrats on your third PackT title. Way cool!

      Pre-ordered items, with payment details held securely on Worldpay, but with no charge made until shipment:
      1 x PHP Programming with PEAR (1904811795) expected 15 September 2006

      So, is your SEO marketing plan just visiting blogs of people complaining about pear on the weekends? Nice strategy!

      Thanks for the visit.
      Amy :)

    3. Hi Amy,

      Thanks for your visit and I hope you like your new books, especially one of them! ;) Good luck with your book, like I said in your blog, I like the way you write, so I’ll probably like the book once you’re ready to share.

      About the SEO, no, not at all (although that’s an idea! ;) ). I was just querying google’ blogsearch for “pear book php” to check if there’s someone talking about the forthcoming title (you know, vanity), that’s how I ended up on your blog. For me SEO has a bit of a negative meaning, it’s as if you’re trying to cheat. I mean proper titles, urls and h1s is OK, but “inbound link building strategy” and such just don’t sound right. And what I find worst than SEO is the newly coined SMO (Social Media Optimization).

    4. IT’S COMING! I got my notice it’s in the mail!

      Interesting comment on the SEO. I will check into SMO. I am very interested in learning more about communities and how to really create environments that make it easier to communicate and collaborate. We are so far from that reality right now. Written text doesn’t cut it. You just can’t convey passion and emotion well. Dim Dim is one such project I want to dig into.

      So, SMO sounds interesting.

      I don’t care for SEO discussions, either. I think people miss the point. A website should be for a purpose. The goal is to reach those people. I do not want hits on my website for people I am not interested in reaching.

      For example, I love music but my blog is not about music. And, when I am really digging on an artist or looking forward to seeing a concert, or I heard a song with fantastic lyrics, I might dump it on my blog. But, I am not really trying to reach Ben Harper concert attendees or Pearl Jam fans or old people like me who still love Joni Mitchell. And yet, because of how search engines work, those people end up on my site.

      I am trying to communicate who I am to people who might be curious or might have common overall interests. My blog is about making connections with people and learning about technology.

      So, SEO is just as much about excluding as it is including hits, IMO.

      Do you use If so, I’d like to see your links. I am AmyStephen out there – add me to your network if you want.

      Thanks for your comments on my writing. That is sweet. OK. Will let you know when the book arrives! I am really excited. ttyl…Amy

    5. [...] Stoyan Stefanov’s book entitled PHP Programming with Pear is COMING to my house! I am so excited. (And, he said something about three other guys being involved in the writing, as well.) [...]

    6. Not using it, tried it once. I’m terrible with bookmarks, that’s all Google’s fault! Somehow they trick you into thinking that since you found something on the web once, you’ll always find when you need it. That’s a bad assumption, I had times when I’ve said to myself “Why didn’t you bookmark this, you *&^%#, you!” Then I go and bookmark something, never to look at it again ;) So no, but maybe later I can post the RSS feeds I’m subscribed to.

    7. Yes, please, share your RSS Feeds. :)

      But, dude, you have to join the rest of us in Frankly, I don’t know how you managed to stay out this long. Now, quit dragging your feet and get your account — better hurry before someone else takes “StoyanStefanov”.

      Didn’t you hear that “ plans to become a social network”? It’s not going to be about bookmarks — it’s going to be about collaboration and learning and networking!

      Bookmarks were just the gateway drug.

      Have you used Freemind before? It’s a brainstorming, mind map project. Well, you can pull your delicious tags into this and create a multi-layered mind map! There are TONS of integrations available and coming with delicious.

      Freemind and combined will be very useful for your next book project!

      Soon we will be at permanent URLs. All kinds of independent solutions popping up.

      ttyl. Amy

    8. [...] Earlier today in a discussion with the lovely Amy Stephen, I thought of posting the RSS feeds I read. So I was thinking I would need to approach this in a good old web 1.0. way, finding a way to scrap content from the Google Reader. Luckily for me, I saw they have an Export feature. Turns out the export is in some new to me OPML format, basically an XML document. The question was to get the XML and turn it into HTML the festest way. The answer I came up with was to use JavaScript. [...]

    9. Stoyan –

      Guess what? IT ARRIVED!!!! I took a picture of it and will be uploading it to my blog – but, my batteries went out. I have THREE SETS of dead batteries and must first recharge, then I will show you a picture of your BEAUTIFUL book.

      Thanks so very much! And, CONGRATULATIONS!
      Amy :)

    10. Why do u combust? How To Make Weed Brownies – much healthier.

    11. Hello, your articles here The PEAR book is on it’s way / Stoyan’s to write well, thanks for sharing!

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