The JavaScript book is almost there

July 16th, 2008. Tagged: JavaScript, writing

Whew, after a whole year of writing, preparation, edits, blood, sweat, tears, I finished all the latest edits and reviews for my new book, Beginning Object-Oriented JavaScript. It should be out any day now. I can't be happier!


You can pre-order with 10% off from the publisher's site.

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6 Responses

  1. Congrats!

  2. [...]…book-is-almost-there/ [...]

  3. Good luck man! :-)

  4. Congratulation!

  5. Thank you guys!

  6. Здравей, Стоян, радвам се, че има сънародници като теб :)
    Има ли някои от твоите книги с български превод?

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