Sultans of Speed

June 13th, 2011. Tagged: Music, performance

#2 This post is part of the Velocity countdown series. Stay tuned for the last one tomorrow.

With only 2 days to Velocity, it's time to drop in the quality of these posts (but the one tomorrow will be great, I promise) with today's announcement of the immediate availability of the project called

I think we've had enough of experts, gurus, ninjas, jedis, pirates and overloards. Time for the sultans to step in!

So there: a slideshow of bios and photos of a number of Web Performance Sultans.

The background music is my heavy metal cover (sorry!) of "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits.

The Sultans you see there are the people who have written for the Perfplanet Calendar. But this is just the initial seed. (And because these are the bios/photos I have easy access to.)

Are you a sultan? Add/delete/edit your bio in the Github repo in the sultans.js file.

Want to change something - better slideshow maybe? Yes, the repository is still there.

In the immortal words of Mark Knopfler:

And he makes it fast with one more thing:
"We are the sultans, yeah the sultans of speed"

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4 Responses

  1. Interestingly, there are no ‘sultanas’ in this list. Hum…
    I don’t know about the male/female ratio in other programming languages, but in my experience there were lots of female javascripters. Maybe they just don’t like high speeds:)

  2. @PeterStJ
    Nicole Sulivan amongst other Velocity speakers are well known “Sultanas of Speed” they aren’t in this list because this initial seed was taken from last perfplanet calendar which there’s no post of them. The cool thing is: they can fork the source and add their own bio as they wish.

    Nice job Stoyan! Keep it fun!

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