strftime() in JavaScript

April 25th, 2008. Tagged: JavaScript, php

Philip "Bluesmoon" Tellis has posted a tiny (under 3K minified) JavaScript library to format dates, inspired by PHP's strftime()


» en: 2008/04/25
» fr: 2008/04/25
» de: 2008/04/25

d.strftime('%A, %d %B')
» en: Friday, 25 April
» fr: Vendredi, 25 Avril
» de: Freitag, 25 April

There's also a demo to fiddle with.

I've previously had fun with kinda like the opposite: translating human-readable times into JS Date objects. Also here and here you have strtotime() look-alikes that take human-readable dates and turn them into Date objects.

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