Start wearing purple

December 2nd, 2008. Tagged: Music, News/personal, performance, yahoo

Today was officially my first day at my new job at in Yahoo! Search. In the spirit of less-is-more I'm stepping out of the position of improving the performance of all Yahoo's sites worldwide to improving the performance of just one Yahoo! Search - in the US first, then maybe helping globally. I'm excited by the new opportunity and I'm not just saying it. Having in mind how smart I am (muhaha) and how committed YSearch is to performance, can't help but give a friendly warning to all the dear readers of my blog: if you own GOOG stock, now is the time to consider a second look at your portfolio :P

Anyway, I felt like doing something silly and here's what I came up - my first online video (videos of my kids don't count). I decided to play a rendition of "Start Wearing Purple" by Gogol Bordello on my acoustic and video tape it. This song (here's a vid of the original) is something of a hymn for Y!

So here's the video, enjoy!

start wearing purple @ Yahoo! Video

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  1. Congratulations! I write for ReadWriteWeb’s new site, Jobwire ( ). I would love to write about your recent hiring, but I need more information. I need to know what your title is, what location and any other info you can give. If you are interested, email me at

  2. Man, while listening I remembered the Bulgarian words… Yahoo should not use this melody here ;-)

  3. Nice play :)
    … congrats for the new job.

  4. абе пич що не вземеш първо няколко уроци по китара че тогава се прави на Джими Хендрикс… Твa да не ти е, че да ти пляскме…нещастник

  5. @gonzo – the part you probably have in mind is not in the original song by Gogol, I just felt it blends naturally :)

    @bateto – kusno mi e veche za uroci, tvrde drt sum

  6. Congrats and good luck on the new position in Search. Time to start turning YHOO around!

  7. Много яко парче! От 1:19 нататък мелодията е 1:1 с едно парче на Хиподил(“Нова градска песен”) с доста нецензурен текст, та това определено ме развесели :)

  8. Congratulations on the new job! What a creative way to celebrate – however, please do not quit your day job for one as a musician. On a positive note, improving search engines is a good thing to do, good for the planet and great for us searchers! :)

  9. [...] couldn’t just sit and watch, now could I? After all, I’ve helped the Yahoo brand before, why stop now. So I took the Blues background from here (the separate zipped tracks are here), [...]

  10. i love your start wearing purple guitar video!! can i please get the guitar tabs for it?
    how do u make that fast string roar/rolling sound? it is awesome!!! ur awesome!!!!

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