January 8th, 2008. Tagged: Music, News/personal

Look what Santa brought this year:


A Starcaster by Fender! (Not to be confused with Stratocaster.) Packed with an amp and everything.

Looking forward to posting some recordings in 2008!

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  1. Congratulations! I’ll be Looking forward to hear some great tunes!

  2. Your Santa is a good guy! Totally rocks! What type of music you will play on this axe? Just curious…

  3. Congratulations!
    The challenge –>


    Best Wishes

  4. Thanks everyone!

    @Gonzo – actually when I visit Bulgaria this May, I plan the get the high school band from ’92 together (this is called midlife crisis when old man start youthy things)

    @Krasi – I mostly I try to copy Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. But I also like Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, jazz, blues, Metallica…

  5. [...] (Now that I got this Starcaster and also completed the first 5 chapters of the new book) Yesterday, I was wondering how I can record some music, so I searched for open-source sound recorder and came across this beautiful application called Audacity (French word for “courage”, didn’t know it existed in English). [...]

  6. ….and great tunes too!!

  7. [...] now. So I took the Blues background from here (the separate zipped tracks are here), dusted off the old axe and yodeled with my wah-wah, Jimi Hendrix [...]

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