Resources are passed by reference

September 7th, 2005. Tagged: PHP certification

When copying one resource to another, you're actually creating a reference to the original resource, this is not an actual copy.

This is illustrated by the following example:

echo '<pre>';
// create an image resource
$image = imagecreate(100, 100);

// print the resource
// the above prints "resource(30) of type (gd)"

// create a copy 
// (actually creating a reference, 
// although =& is not implicitly used)
$copy = $image;

// print the reference

// the above prints "resource(30) of type (gd)", same as before

// destroy the image resource

// this prints "resource(30) of type (Unknown)"
// so the image was destroyed

// this also prints "resource(30) of type (Unknown)"
// meaning that the reference points to a destroyed image

echo '</pre>';

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3 Responses

  1. under PHP 5.0 and above !

  2. @Constantine, under PHP5, EVERYTHING is passed by reference unless we explicitly clone something. The great big change we’ve all been waiting for. I in fact refuse to take the Zend exam until it’s PHP5ied because right now it would confuse the hell out of me.

    In PHP4, which Stoyan is referring to, a RESOURCE is passed by reference while anything else is passed by value. Try replacing the imagecreate line by $image = “foo”; and the imagedestroy line by unset($image); The copy will still result in a string in the var_dum($copy); line, indicating pass by value.

  3. That’s right, thanks Marco. I had PHP4 in mind.

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