Today’s mail: a box full of … my book!

August 8th, 2008. Tagged: writing

Finally! The wait is over! After people have already managed to read the book, the chef d'oeuvre that is my Object-Oriented Javascript and some have published 5 star reviews on Amazon, the author finally gets his copies. Oh, happy day! 15 copies, yeey. I don't get to keep them all, because 10 are for my reviewers (since 9 of them are either here in LA of in SF bay area, I wanted to give them their copies and my thanks personally) and one, of course, goes to my parents (my parents are so careful with their copies of my books, they put them in protective transparent covers and so on :) )



As you probably know, kids often have more fun with the wrapping than the gift itself. My kids are not an exception:



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  1. Hey Stoyan! Congrats on both the release of this book and receiving your copies! :) I know you worked really hard on it, so I hope that it sells exceptionally well!

  2. Thanks, Tenni!

  3. Hi.
    I’ve just purchased one of your books, the phpBB2 related, and I have to say that it’s just what I expected, clear explanations in all ways, a very usefull book.

    Now I’m waiting for you (and your other two partners in case that you will do it) for the sequel of this great saga (phpBB 3)

    Have you got any project for it?

  4. Thanks Patrick, this is very nice of you. I have thought about a sequel, naturally, but the sales of the phpBB2 title were below the publisher’s expectations, so they are not interested in a phpBB3 title. Maybe a different publisher? Or self-publishing, that’s always an option. I’ll definitely think some more about it.

  5. I totally agree, great post!

    Grz Godius


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