September 3rd, 2006. Tagged: News/personal, PEAR

In case someone is wondering how do I highlight the code I post on this blog ... well, the lazy way. I don't. Some time ago I setup a free service, hiliteme.com to do it for me, then I just copy/paste the generated code. It's far from the best solution, but it's definitelly the laziest, without any spend-time-to-save-time effort on my end ;)

So if you ever need to highlight source code - for a blog, word doc or whatever, you can use this free service, I'll be happy. HiLiteMe.com is using the PEAR Text_Highlighter package (I talk about it here)

BTW, I think in general it's a good idea is to use JavaScript to do the code highlighting. After all, it's just presentation and if it can be done on the client, why loading you server with this task. I know at least two free scripts that do that, there's probably more. The one that looks very good is this one.

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  1. [...] Following from here, I’m proud to announce an update to HiLiteMe.com. With two custom renderers for Text_Highlighter, the service now offers you: – BB code for your source, so you can post beautiful code to bulletin boards and others that use BB code for formatting – simple HTML code – the formatting is using only the tags b, i and u, this is for devices such as iPod that can understand only tiny amount of HTML code. So you highlight some code and take it on the road, sweet. [...]

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