first book review and a new instrumental piece

August 5th, 2008. Tagged: book, Music

The first review for OOJS is posted on Amazon - 5 stars, yeey! (My copies still hasn't arrived, talk about weird, eh?). If anyone is interested in reading my book and posting a review on Amazon or some other site, let me know, my publisher might be willing to send you a copy.

Here's another song I just recorded today, a sort of metal/grunge thing with a melody of some sort even :) Enjoy loud!
» melody.mp3 (< 3 min)

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  2. Really want to read it. And surely will post review ;)

  3. That tune is really kick ass!
    Is this recorded with Audacity? What effects you are using here?
    And congrats about the book :)

  4. @sam – check your email

    @krasi – I used Audacity, yes. So I got myself this guitar effect (blogged here) and I used one of its preset effects called “GREASY” :) Also the drums come from this effect. So I recorded one guitar, together with the drums, then recorded a second guitar. In audacity I only mixed them so that the first is a little to the left speaker and the second – a little to the right. No other work.

  5. Wow, your tune sounds so professional! Thanks for the info – I think I’ll give Audacity a try these days!
    What is the level of your OOJS book(beginners, advanced)?

  6. Thanks Krasi!

    The book is about both beginners and advanced developers actually. It has a lot of pretty advanced stuff like closures and design patterns, but it starts from the ground up: data types in JavaScript, functions, etc. It’s like re-learning JavaScript in a way. Because more often than not we didn’t bother learning the language properly, but muddled through piece by piece. As Doug Crockford said once, it’s time to man up and really learn the language :D

  7. Stoyan,

    if your publisher has a spare copy I’ll be glad to read and post a review :) Congratulations by the way on your persistent writing effort – looks like you are doing great with 4 books behind your back … I have only one published back in 2001 on Perl, and I can really appreciate your success. Samo taka !

    The tune sounds rocking – yeah :) I reckon Audacity is awesome sound editor, even if I have Logic here for my music work I sometimes use Audacity as well for some sound processing…

    Well .. wish u all the best, u got my email (along the comment) if any copies left after those couple of months since u wrote this post – let me know :)


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