Feliz Navidad Merry Christmas 2009

December 25th, 2009. Tagged: Fun, Music

Disregarding my dear wife's opinion that the best present to my blog readers would be to *not* publish my new recording.... I'll just go ahead and do it:

Feliz Navidad

'tis a heavy metal sort of cover of Jose Feliciano's Feliz Navidad. I hope you like Iron Maiden and Helloween (there's a special treat between 02:44 to 03:05) and I hope you would be kind enough to tolerate this show-off type of guitar heroism :) Another thing you may notice is at 03:54 - I played a part (a mashup if you will) of Slash's Sweet Child o' Mine solo (splic'd).

psst, here's my last year's Christmas cover - Jingle Bells. You can clearly see where I'm going with this - an album of Christmas songs within the next 10 years. Watch out Mariah Carey :P

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2 Responses

  1. Awesome!
    Just listened to the song and it rocks my socks off! :-)
    A nice completion to the original version.

    I love your Object-Oriented JS book! I learned so much through this book.
    And am currently reading it still!

  2. Oh, I still had not read this post (I read you by RSS), but I have liked a lot the detail of posting your guitar cover! Don’t trust your wife, the song is pretty cool, good choice and well played ;-)

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