Crowes and Crows

March 28th, 2008. Tagged: Music

The Black CrowesCounting Crows

Currently enjoying two new albums by two older bands:

Cool stuff, especially the first one.

Can't help but be a little worried about the fact that I seem to have stopped my musical development somewhere in the nineties, and just keep listening to the same bands. Luckily some of them sometimes release new albums.

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3 Responses

  1. It’s been years since I last listened to Black Crowes, thanks for the revival :)

  2. Yeah, same thing with me.

    Cool tool, you have there btw ;)

  3. Thanks ! :)
    I made it in my spare time, I don’t even know if it has already been used by someone beside me :)
    I didn’t update the code for quite a while now, I should fix some bugs and add a bunch of features I’ve been thinking of.
    Let me know if you use it someday, I’d love to have some comments back !

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