February 20th, 2006. Tagged: Stumbled upon

coComment looks like a very promising service. Helping you keep track of all comments you post on all various blogs ... sweet!

Check it out:

My first test comment didn't work, but maybe it was just me, rushing things.

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  1. Wow! Stoyan – this is *exactly* what I have been looking for! I started using delicious to track this. But, this is WAY better. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Man! I just noticed you wrote this way back in February. I am truly behind the times! Do you actually use it? I’ll be back later to see your response — now that I have a cool tool to manage such interactions.

  3. [...] I was over checking out the great stuff going on with Pear at Stoyan Stefanov’s blog (there are also pictures of two of the sweetest little angels you need to go see!) and I noticed Stoyan blogged on this Smashing Mashup called cocomment. [...]

  4. No, I’m not using it, although the idea is really cool. Maybe I should look at it again.

  5. Yea, it’s pretty cool. Sign up! All your blog entries from all over the world gathered together into one easy-to-use location. Plus – you can start branching out and looking at what others are commenting on. Very cool.

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