3 additional Web 1.0 tips and tricks

November 22nd, 2007. Tagged: Web1.0

Dustin Diaz has posted on his blogs (what's a blog? there were no blogs in good old web 1.0) "7 hottest web 1.0 techniques". While those are nice and highly recommended, let me in on a few little secrets.

1. script language=JavaScript

When including a script into a page, you need to specify the language. First of all there's also VBScript and we need to make a difference. Second, this is more future-proof - who knows what other scripting languages the future has in store for us.

Proper capitalization of JavaScript is crucial.

<script language=JavaScript>

2. Image rollovers

There's a better way to do rollovers - directly in the image tag! Shorter and more convenient - all the code is in one place. This makes it much, much more easier to code your CMS.


3. Link overline

OK, I didn't want to share this, because it's way too cool for just anyone to know, I should've kept it for myself.

a {text-decoration:none;}
a:hover{border-top: 1px solid;}

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12 Responses

  1. border-top: 1ps solid; — shouldn’t this be 1px ? and why don’t use text-decoration: overline ?

  2. Thanks, fixed px/ps!

    Overline, hmm? So you knew about this trick, eh? Who told you? Did you tell anyone? We’re leaking information here, this is very disturbing. Some Web 1 secrets should only be transfered father-to-son type of thing

  3. Heh, tell that to w3schools :)

  4. He user “border-top: 1px solid” instead of “text-decoration: overline” because it’s web 1.0 where the implementation of some CSS rules weren’t good and you had to create your own solutions. :)

  5. zickedhelik, or maybe the real x-browser solution is a background image :)
    something like this spell-check-like underline

  6. 1.) NO! do not add the language attribute! unless you are actually using VB. JavaScript IS the default, and specifying the version e.g. javascript1.2 is now considered pointless, because the MS JScript doesn’t meet any of the various spec levels properly.

    In fact, the type=”text/javascript” is even considered optional these days.

    (finally, for any attribute you do add, you MUST specify the quotes!, not doing so indicates that you are not a professional developer these days as we move towards XHTML as a standard)

    2.) Quotes are the “double quotes” not the ‘single quotes’ for HTML attributes. Save the single quotes for Javascript code.

    3.) Link overline? What? this is just plain dumb and counter intuitive.

  7. @zickedhelik : If I recall correctly, text-decoration: overline was available way back when there was IE4 ;) You can not get more Web 1.0 than that, right ;)

  8. Todd, the whole post was meant to be a joke (as the one I’m linking to at the beginning)

    Thanks for your comment, though. It explains very well what’s wrong with those three “tips”

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  10. Oh my eyes… aaargh! :D

  11. Eh .. eeeh .. yeah .. good old days … you do an image with rollover and all girls are crazy about you … lol
    Thanks for the nice post .. made me remember the web in the 90s :)


  12. Proper capitalization of JavaScript is a very important work that should be done.

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