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May 14th, 2010. Tagged: BOSS, misc hackery, yahoo

Thought I should share a fun little greasemonkey script that puts twitter-like MORE button (hm, maybe should've named it MOAR :) ) at the end of the Yahoo search results. Clicking the button gives you 10 more results without a page refresh. Neat.

Download: userscripts.org

and a 39 seconds demo...

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  1. What effect does this have on the default pagination?

    If you search and it delivers results 1-10, then you click the ajax ‘load more’ link twice you have 1-30 right?

    When you click page 2 or next page in the traditional pagination, do you get…

    a) 11-20 (default behavior)
    b) 31-40 (the same as clicking ‘load more’ once more but with a page refresh)
    c) 31-60 (the same number of new results as you currently have (30).

    PS – a, b and c all presume that a full page refresh would still happen with the traditional pagination.

  2. it’s a) it’s just a simple hack :)
    I thinks no matter how it works (a, b or c) it will be confusing when mixed with pagination. Probably why twitter doesn’t have pagination

  3. Nice GM script, provides a really good user/search experience, however this is an ADs killer :-) unless you use position:fixed for #right column ADs and find a way to refresh its content.

  4. yeah, but I think the ads at the bottom will be exposed more because of overscrolling :)

  5. Daniel Morilha

    Nice script, now what about having it triggered once the user hits the page’s bottom?

  6. @Daniel, oh like an infinite scroll, ala http://aurgasm.us/category/french/ ? Hm, could be

  7. DOM tree is getting bigger and bigger, I wonder if it gets makes browser slower and slower?

  8. バーバリー アウトレット

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